Punjab and Punjabi language is not only about swear word `Bhench*d’ as depicted in movie `Udta Punjab’

Hemant K Batra, Guest Columnist

Punjabi Man

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Is Punjab all about swearing and abuses? Yes, that’s what `Udta Punjab’ movie depicts. The movie rotates around a very tenacious yet looming theme of drug abuse. It directly amplifies how the whole society and its moral fibre is getting tainted and eroded by drug dealers, peddlers and users. However, while propagating this drug menace and the clandestine connivance of administration and politicians, the movie leans on innumerable Punjabi swear words. I lost count as to how many times do each one of the actors and artists use the swear word `Bhench*d’ meaning `Sisterfu**er’. I do not think Punjab is all about fu**ing sisters. This swear word was used countless times to show anger, anguish, excitement, sentiments and even thrill.

This is not the culture, language and dialect of Punjab. Punjabis normally use milder swear words like `Kanjra’ meaning `lunatic’ or ‘mad’. The abusive swear words are used but not as generously and abundantly as displayed in `Udta Punjab’. But the script writers in their own prudence thought that one cannot visualize a Sikh or Punjabi for that matter without hurling abuses which actually has a `f**k’ word in the scheme. I completely disagree with the perception portrayed in the movie about Punjabis.

Rightly so, the drugs since last half a decade have become a serious hazard in context of Punjab. Rather they have become a sine qua non, perhaps a public projection (no more a perception) of Punjab that nothing grows or brews in Punjab other than the drugs. It has become a growing concern within and outside Punjab amongst Punjabis especially, as to whether Punjab still has any bright future or not. I compliment all those associated in the production of this movie be it technicians, producers, director and actors for touching this most warranted issue face by Punjab, by our nation and the globe as well. It quite fervently depicts the miserable condition of drug users and wretched fate of drug peddlers. And the lady doc’s accidental tragic death or homicide conveys that even the good ones aren’t spared.

The movie carries a phenomenal message of deterrence regarding drugs. But, it would have been better if abuses were rationed and kerbed so that movie’s reach to all segments and age brackets of audience would have augmented. The movie is obviously rated Adults whereas drug menace message need to go to children (13+) of Punjab and India as a whole. It will be desirable, if an edited version of the movie is released for showing the same in all the schools.


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