Odd or Even – I am `in’

Rush Hour

Decisions should not always be based on statistics.  The paramount significance of any decision should be to bring about a result which meets the expectations and needs of the society at large and makes them in-charge of their lives.  Does it really matter if the pollution levels have fallen down as a result of the odd and even rule introduced recently by the Delhi government in context of the vehicles?  Or does it really matter that the traffic on the roads has substantially reduced?  In my opinion even if the answers to the said questions are in the affirmative, the same would not be convincing enough to justify the decision of the Delhi government.

The most fundamental correction, the said decision has brought about is that it has enabled the commuters to take charge of their day to day routine and lifestyle.  I have noticed people adjusting and re-adjusting their appointments, meetings and tasks.  I saw in these few days of rationing, people realizing that they are in command.  Perhaps they realized that neither anything is indispensable nor is there anything which cannot wait.  People realized for the first time that life goes on despite there being no personal vehicle available on certain days.

Yes, the traffic on the roads is relaxed and so are people. People are not more getting dictated by the mechanics of the daily routine. They are now scheduling and rescheduling tasks, appointments and meetings per their convenience though they are attributing those actions to the Delhi government’s decision on odd and even plying of vehicles. The Delhi government’s decision has provided much needed steroid (not excuse) to the bruised spirit of people and the society as whole. I overwhelmingly support Delhi government’s this decision. As I look at the larger objective of this decision and policy, more convinced I get that humans – mankind do not need to be dependent on the creations of technology be it automobiles or mobiles for that matter, in order to run their daily lives. After all the living was much better each year backward. I will say it was much better in the 1970s and 80s, whereas my parents would say it was better in 1950s and 60s. So, what have we achieved over the past so many years nothing but chaos. Hence, if Delhi government is in a way desiring to minimize this chaos, I think we need to subscribe and support their move notwithstanding what political or social ideology we come from.


Author: Hemant Batra*

New Delhi, India

*Hemant Batra is an Indian lawyer with nearly 24 years’ experience in diverse legal assignments. He is founder of a renowned international law firm and is also secretary general of saarclaw; he is recipient of mahatma gandhi seva award and is a visiting faculty to leading educational institutions; his profile can be accessed by clicking http://in.linkedin.com/in/hb15aug