America Is Not In Broken Shambles As Portrayed By Trump To Win Nomination

John Peaveler, formerly English writing student at Plymouth State University

Author John Peaveler

Donald Trump has succeeded where no one else ever has. Literally, for the first time in my life, I feel shame to be an American. I who by upbringing and self-reinforced commitment have long considered myself an ardent patriot. I who have borne arms in defense of my country.

His premise for election is that America is in broken shambles, and he has clinched the nomination by convincing the right that America is destined for a fiery garbage heap of bloody destruction. The last time I checked, America was still the land of opportunity, a nation of profound freedoms that so many yearn for but so few enjoy. We have natural resources, including natural beauty, that most people cannot even dream of. We have the strongest and best trained military ever known. We have most of the best universities in the world, most of the best technology companies in the world. We have a list of things that make us great which is so long I cannot even fit it in this post.

According to Donald Trump, our time has past, our children are doomed, and the end is near unless we elect him and surrender to him our futures. As a nation, overcoming our challenges has always made us stronger, more resilient. Being afraid of them has never been part of our character before. I refuse to be a slave to fear, and I refuse to vote for a man who at the very least is temperamental and unpredictable. It’s obvious the republican party is past caring if a person is moral, bigoted, or misogynistic. It’s a simple fact that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. I hear nothing but division coming from that man. I want to feel pride in my country, but he keeps telling me not to. The more people believe him, the less deserving we become of all the many blessings we have.


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