Artificial Intelligence Versus Human Race

Susan Chang, SpeakingThreads

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Sooner than expected, human race will encounter complete idleness and redundancy because bodily they will be replaced by robots and mentally by artificial intelligence. A highly business efficient trend but enormously fatal for the human race. Many a times it is better not to progress than to advance to one’s eventual detriment.

We had heard of robotic equipment being used in several factories and warehouses but now we hear of intangible artificial intelligence replacing human brain and mind.

IBM’s ROSS is an artificially intelligent attorney, which apparently can give run for money to many best of the better lot lawyers. ROSS has the brain power to undertake a lawyer’s job. It does legal research by essentially understanding legal queries in completely natural language and sentences.

ROSS is geared up to give instantaneous answers with legal citations and judicial precedents. It screens through millions of documents and data within seconds to recommend exceedingly up-to-date interpretations.

It is a Super Intelligent Attorney as claimed by IBM, built on top of Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer. A digital legal expert that supports a very high level of legal research. The functioning is so natural that it interacts and performs like any lawyer colleague would. The questions may be asked from ROSS in simple spoken English as if you are in conversation with a lawyer or legal intern. ROSS will then run through its artificial intelligence, which could actually be better and more efficient than human intelligence.

Additionally, ROSS continuously screens through the law, legal system and legal developments to bring forth new court decisions that can affect the case in question. This being the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney’ powered by Watson has become part of New York law firm Baker & Hostetler where it handles the firm’s bankruptcy practice.

This is not all towards the evolution of artificial race as against human race. In China thousands of workers at the China factory of Foxconn, which makes Apple phones were rendered jobless after robots took over their job profile. One robot alone undertaking work of 30 to 100 workers. The Foxconn factory workforce strength has got substantially reduced to the extent of more than 50% with the aggressive entry of robots.

And now if sources are to be believed, Wipro is to relive 3,000 engineers after introduction of Holmes, an artificial intelligence tool at Wipro.

These are all developments in the name of cost saving and increase in efficiency. According to the Mint, Wipro will free up-to 3,000 engineers from routine software maintenance jobs, which will save the company about $46.5 million.

Wipro proposes to sell this artificial intelligence tool to clients

Whatever be the further progression in the path of artificial intelligence and robotics technology, one thing is becoming quite clear that more and more skilled and unskilled people are to become jobless and unemployed. Hope these big innovative technology companies realize that idle mind is devils workshop. With newer technology we are also giving birth to monsters and devils in the form of idle humans.

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