Trump holds a trump card or a spiteful trumpet

Martha Jane, SpeakingThreads

Dec. 28, 2015. Character portrait of Donald Trump giving a speec

US Presidential elections have reached the another milestone of acme with it having become clear that the contest for the White House is going to be between  Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump.

Who is Trump? The ordinary dictionary meaning of Trump is `Winner’. But many globally say, he rather not be the winner. Ironically the global voice has no vote. For his well-wishers he is a champ and a front-runner. But for us he is true to his name Trump as he is always playing a trumpet though acrimoniously. Before his political entry, we knew him as a business guru, a cleverly successful entrepreneur, hotelier, an entertainer and brutally candid or should we say even rash at times. First time when he had launched his candidature for the Presidential nomination, about couple of years back, many had thought that a clown or comical character is of essence in a script, which he was one. But as the time passed, Trump emerged as a serious character actor, perhaps a lead star. One by one, he kept on eliminating each of his party rivals. And now he stands all and tall amongst Republicans.

What is that, US nationals like about him? It is a law of nature or psychology that people like who make difference with aggression. People like to listen what they believe in but cannot speak. These are those majority of people who have deep-seated thinking. More and more people in the world are getting fed up with the prevailing cautious and by the rule book driven systems of governance. Somewhere people are having a feel that traditional tribal systems of governance were better where there was supremacy and dominance of tribe members over the others. Trump is talking what many want to hear, that is a rebellious and not by the rule book communication. A male chauvinist and truly masculine approach. A gladiator strategy, to say so. However, how sustainable and long-lasting that approach will be, only time will tell. Many a times these aggressive talks have more of entertaining value than serious business. The policy and ideology, which Trump is simulating is definitely Republican in nature but it’s far too extreme. In today’s global spectrum, it may have the effect of isolating a nation, which it can’t afford to.                     

Trump’s entry into the political scene made the whole electioneering and campaigning very charged up even inter-se within the parties’ nominees, what to talk of party to party. Trump and Cruz – Clinton and Sanders were seen fighting like street fighters. In fact not only fighting but little short of abusing each other. This time around, we saw lot of venom being spit all over US. Even outside US with UK directly condemning Trump and vice versa. Personal attacks and character assassination has become integral part of American Presidential electioneering.  

It appears, though we could be wrong, Trump appears to have touched the maximum high and now it is only slide down for him. Many Political analysts feel that with his aggressive remarks, he will not be able to unify the Republican voters, which comprise of moderates and rationale thinkers.

Hillary Clinton went on record to say yesterday that “After all this is a man who has called women ‘pigs,’ ‘dogs’ and ‘disgusting animals.’”

Whereas Trump described Clinton as arrogant woman thereby criticizing her economic policies and readiness to concede Syrian refugees in US as being detrimental to the national interest. He also roared loud and clear that Clinton will “appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench, overriding Congress, and I’ll tell you, the will of the people will mean nothing — nothing,”

Being critical is not new for Trump, he has shown no remorse for attacking Megyn Kelly of Fox News, Republican Carly Fiorina, a former CEO of HP and Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz. A survey and media reports reflect that majority of women voters have viewed these attacks on women quite adversely. Trump has a team of efficient advisors and he himself is also a great strategist at least in the business segment. Is he holding a final trump card close to his chest? Nobody other than him would know that. In the current stage and scenario, he appears to be a little dazed and under pressure. That could be natural. It could well be that he is banking on a sizeable silent voters.

Clinton on the other hand is appearing quite balanced and unperturbed. She has gone through many ups and downs including upheavals politically and in her personal life. She is a strong woman and fighter. Though, she may look little unmoved but there will definitely be an element of undefined nervousness running through her nerves. Somewhere, she would need to initiate reconciliatory move at Sanders and his vote bank. She would need him to be by her side and also campaigning for her. Sanders is a good orator and has become a defacto ambassador of the majority of educated youth of the United States.

In days to come, the curtains will unveil the formidability of the two candidates – Clinton and Trump. There is an air of unpredictability, how predictable will it become only future beholds that truth.

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