Science and Art


Science and Art are diverse yet intertwined. A flying bird could be perceived by some as Science, but as a form of freedom and expression by an Artist. I feel they are two sides of the same coin. For me there is no fundamental distinction between the two. Both are branches of the same tree, hence, should not be seen as Science versus Art; but Science and Art. Art connects people’s hearts whereas Science connects their minds.

Science is an explanation of things around us. To me, what Science cannot explain today shall fall under the realm of Art. Both Science and Art hold equal strength, significance and value for me. They share creativity and complement each other.  Both are an amalgam of the same facets and characteristics, applied in a different manner.

Though the times are changing and there is an element of progression everywhere, there is still an old school of thought prevalent in certain cultures that Science is superior to Arts. Initially, these two terms were considered to contradict each other; however, along with the development came the understanding that they in fact  harmonize each other and in some ways are also inseparable.  Science is more analytical, theoretical; it is based predominantly on facts driven by vision and not purely on imagination. It is something that in itself contains a world of topics. Whereas Art, I feel is human expression of thoughts, ideas, imagination and feelings. Imagine a life devoid of music, painting, drama, dance, photography, singing and films. Sure we understand the world around us better and increase our life expectancy due to Science as well, but we live and enjoy life due to Art.

Science was discovered by man. Like the discovery of fire included some chemistry and the invention of the wheel included some physics. Since then we have made giant leaps in the field of Science. We can travel into space, have super computers; everything we use in today’s world, even clothes we wear include a fragment of Science. However, I feel if we think intellectually, Art is everywhere but if we perceive things from the practical aspect we would see Science in every form. In the modern world artists, writers and scientists are often working together on creating something new, novel and innovative.

The greatest of scientists who had vision and came up with novel ideas were true artists just like Galileo. Similarly people forget that great artists like Da vinci and Michelangelo were all scientists in their own right. Davinci was the first to design a flying machine. His Art was divine, Mona Lisa – the world famous painting was made by him. Both Science and Art complement each other. Taking Photography as an example, it consists of the two special elements, Science and Art. It is through the successful combination of these two elements that photographs are created. The Science part of photography includes techniques and equipment whereas the artistic part would include the artist’s goal, his vision and inspiration. When these two parts merge, a beautiful piece of art is created. Likewise, Art in the form of listening to soothing music would help a physician or for that matter even a scientist in healing himself after a long day.

Another perfect example of the amalgamation of Science and Art in modern times is the success of Apple’s products. Engineers and designers have complimented each other in the creation of Apple products be it their cell phones, notebooks or tablets. The innovations in technology developed by Apple would not have been as successful had its design artists not been an integral part of the creative team.

Being Artistic does not necessarily mean that one should know how to draw or sing. Creativity can be in the form of ideas and thoughts too; even our brain gives equal acknowledgement to both. It is said the right side of our brain is the creative side and the left side is associated with analytical and logical thinking.

Although Art and Science differ greatly in their aim and practice, I feel Science is for those who want to learn whereas Art is for those who want to know and feel.

We become scientists when we gain interest in the subject and our brain has analytical approach to real life situations. However, unlike Science, Art is a talent. We are born to become artists; we are not born to be scientists.

I consider that Art is god’s gift to humanity, whereas, Science is humanity’s gift to humanity.

For me both scientists and artists are important. I understand that in today’s technology-driven world we need scientists but we should at the same time understand the need to have an Artistic mind too. Therefore, Art should not be considered secondary to Science. They both should be applied together as they complete each other.

Article written in 2013 while Author was a High School student.


Author: Vedant Batra

Finance | Economics

McCombs School of Business | College of Liberal Arts | The University of Texas at Austin