Internship Testimonial

My time at Kaden Boriss – Dubai Office gave me an insight into the intricate workings of the commercial side of Dubai. Work ranged from company formation, intellectual property matters and financial regulation consultancy. It is a firm that is more than happy to welcome eager aspiring lawyers to gain that crucial practical experience. The hallmark of my time at Kaden Boriss was the overall productivity I felt at the end of each day, where what I prepared or drafted was used by the team in regards to client matters. Working at such a firm not only gives you the feel of a multinational corporate set up, but also lets you dive into the finer details of corporate commercial in the region. 

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at your firm these last three years, it really gave me the real world insight that is needed to deal with client matters. 

Thank you again. 

Programme: B.A.,LL.B (H)
Law College: Amity Law School, Noida (II)
Semester: 10th
Batch: 2011 to 2016