International Women’s Day – The Focus on Top Leadership

Lots has been said and posted yesterday to celebrate International Women’s Day. When I was younger, a nerdy tomboy with a lot of energy and a lot of drive, but without much experience of the difficulties that women face – at all levels, in all circumstances – I didn’t think much of women’s day or women’s issues. Many years later, after a long journey, I realize how much road there is still ahead. Many of us, women in the professional and corporate world, are focusing our efforts on filling the gender gap in top leadership positions. This is not because we disregard core issues such as literacy and education and generally, the fact that women are still subject to violence and subjugation in many parts of the world, but because we believe that – by advancing women’s influence, a new opportunity will be created for a shift in the world’s decision making systems which will also have a major impact on those core issues. We believe that, by increasing women’s power and influence, the impact on larger issues such as inequality and exploitation of poorer social substrates will be enormous. It has been proved that when women have more traction in the economy, the overall community benefits as a consequence. Simply put, women have a positive transformational impact on business and therefore on society by filling a perspective gap that undoubtedly exists when men sit alone at the tables of power. Happy International Women’s Day.

Author: Stefania Lucchetti, Of Counsel at BonelliErede

Milan Area, Italy