Internship Experience


Name, College, Year of study, E-mail

Ruchika Adlakha, University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU, 2nd Year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Kaden Boriss, DLF City Phase 1, National Capital Region, Gurgaon, 3 members

Application Process

I had submitted an online application attaching my CV and got the reference from

I also went through a telephonic interview.

Duration of the Internship

I interned for a period of one month i.e. from 14 July, 2015-14 August, 2015

The timings were from 10:00AM- 5:00 PM

First Impression, Formalities, Place of Work

My first day at the office was quite a warm one.

After the formalities of identification and document verification, I got the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with the Founder/Partner of Kaden Boriss. Mr. Hemant Kumar Batra personally addressed to the interns.

We were asked about our academic history, future goals and life prospects. Mr. Batra not only shared his own journey through the legal profession but, he also guided us our way through by specifying all it takes to be a successful as well as a good lawyer and how it is to be done. Be it the challenges or the struggle, Mr. Batra’s success story was a great source of inspiration encouraging us to move ahead, work really hard, succeed in all our endeavours and remain humble at the same time.

I was also provided with my separate cubicle and required stationery.

I found the office to be well equipped and conducive to work.

Main Task

1) Research on various topics:-

(i) I got the opportunity to directly address to some of the legal queries of clients. There was absolutely no limitation imposed on the subject matter. While interning I managed to cover various topics laws and statutes.

(ii) It involved studying various laws, their practical application and their correct interpretation and scope to solve legal queries. We also did not limit ourselves to Indian laws but also other country’s laws and statutes.

(iii) I was given specific topics to research upon, prepare presentations and present them to one of the partners.

(iv) I also looks into various Indian statutes to research upon specific liabilities and update legal reports.

  1. Documentation:-

(i) I also got to vett some of the contracting agreements for our clients to encourage smooth functioning and avoid legal discrepancies and complexities.

(ii) I read through some of the existing agreements of our clients.

(iii)  Documentation also included content writing for brochure.

Work Environment and People

People at the Kaden Boriss were really helpful. All my seniors and my immediate senior were more like mentors guiding my way through tasks appointed and also helped in solving my confusions to submit my best report possible.

Nikita ma’am was my immediate senior who constantly cautioned and guided me through each step. It was very easy working with her as she helped me out whenever I got stuck and   also kept telling important points which one should really take care of.

Whereas Hemant Sir and Amiya Sir were also very friendly and acted more like teachers with comfortable deadlines and constant guidance.

Interning at Kaden Boriss was more like a practical learning experience. While I got to be a part of the formal corporate procedures and function in it, I never made to feel pressurised about the work which was assigned to me.

With limited restrictions on my work field I got to work on various aspects of the legal profession. Each task was patiently explained and discussed before assigning. My seniors also gave a review on my submissions to help me understand the shortcomings and scope of improvements in it.

Best Things

I got to work directly under the Top level management of the organisation to whom I reported to.

The work assigned to me was never monotonous and lengthy. Even if time taking I was allotted other tasks and comfortable deadlines to finish them all. I actually got a great opportunity to understand the practical aspects of my profession as I worked on different laws and subjects almost every day.


INR 3500/-

Author: Ruchika Adlakha, University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU

NewDelhi, India