Internship Experience

Glasses And Books
This was my first internship with a law firm and all I want to say is it was an enriching experience. Interning with Kaden Boriss has deepened my passion for law and has encouraged to pursue it with a greater confidence and hard work. The environment in the office is very comfortable. I am grateful to the whole staff who has helped me through. Special thanks to Nikita ma’am who has been a guide throughout and helped boost my self esteem in this field. I am also very obliged to you,  Hemant Sir, for sharing your precious time with us interns (also making it a tradition, which, in my opinion, no other personality would do) and sharing your beautiful, yet struggling, journey in the area of law. It really would help me a lot while I go further in this field (since one should learn from others’ experiences too).

It was a memorable and quite enhancing experience.

Garima Goyal
3rd year, B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.)
Institute of Law, Nirma University

Ahemdabad, Gujarat