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Internship Experience – Kaden Boriss Partners, Lawyers – India

Dates – 14th July to 14th August

Name – Kshitiz Sharma

I am final year law student of K.L.E Society’s law college Bangalore.

Kaden Boriss is a niche corporate firm and deal in matter Business incorporation, Compliance & legal documentation, Due-diligence, Legal auditing, Litigation, Mergers & acquisitions, Real estate transactions. I interned at their new office in Gurgaon. You are expected to get on with the work from the 1st day itself. The office is spacious. The firm is headed by Hemant Batra sir who is a fatherly figure and trust me i haven’t seen a person in such a position be so down to earth and humble. It was my pleasure and luck to meet him on the 1st day and he assigned the first assignment for the day. The work for the interns here is mainly of legal research, draft replies and due diligence. I assisted the associates in reviewing service agreements and did research on points of law, which was required to assist the clients. work environment is very conducive for a starter, the associates are very friendly and the quality of work given was also good. Some of the work given helped me trace the broad contours of law. Kaden Boriss takes two interns every month so its better to apply 2 month before and internship is subjected to a telephonic interview. From partners to fellow interns, everybody is helpful. It was the 1st time when a partner in a firm comes to your desk, give you work and says ” Do the work, if help is needed, just come to me. M there to assist you ” so you can expect a feeling that your work is appreciated. Nikita Sayam ma’am, who is a new associate was generous enough to applaud the work done by me. You can see involvement of her in work which encouraged me to work even hard. Anyways you can crack jokes, listen to your favorite songs, enjoy free coffees etc. but all that is required get the work done. Timings of office are from 9 a.m to 5 p.m but you may have to work beyond that too. Talking of another amazing person in the office is Amiya Nayak sir, who is again generous and humble. He specializes in real estate laws. Talking to Amiya sir gives you the insight as to what is takes to be a corporate lawyer and be the best in your field. More over you are introduced to every client who comes which gives you a feeling of being a part of the Kaden Boriss family. Interns are required to write a research article on the topic given by Preeti Batra ma’am who is again partner. One is also required to give a presentation on the topic given by any of the partner, on the last day of internship. Over all it is a enriching experience and augment your legal acumen.

Oh yes …. stipend is also given on the efficiency. I was given 3500 as stipend.

Most important lesson by Hemant Batra sir was ” Work hard but keep a hobby… it may be as crazy as watching a movie 1st day 1st show .. or play instrument you love.. work more hard .. but do not frustrate and overload yourself with work!! Always have time for your family and yourself!!”

I would be blessed and more than happy to go can work with Kaden Boriss again.

All the very best to the people who would intern here in future.

Kshitiz Sharma, K.L.E Society’s law college Bangalore

Gurgaon, India